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Spectra Shield An innovative new RF shielding solution developed by S.A.I. of Florida, offers a higher performance RF barrier than conventional metal shields, while reducing weight, and costs. It's solid design has no bare edges and eliminates the corrosion and flaking common in pre-coated metal shields.

There are no gaps or openings, and no high insertion force is required for mounting. SPECTRA SHIELD can be injection molded to any size or shape, including multiple heights and compartments in a single shield. Tuning and access holes can be located anywhere.

SPECTRA SHIELD offers a wide variety of mounting options for Permanent, Removable, and SMD mounting.

In removable applications, SPECTRA SHIELD can be held in place with our tin-coated, phosphorus bronze spring clips, SMD clips, or screw tabs.



twoShield.JPG (74014 bytes)For permanent mounting, SPECTRA SHIELD’S high temperature polycarbonate material makes it ideal for hand and wave-soldered applications.

SAI can can assist your company in designing a custom shield to fit your application.

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